The God I worship loves his children.  He does not hold one above another.  He has given each of us the gift of life and told us to embrace it and to make of it what we will.  That God of whom I speak is the God of Abraham.  The God of the Muslim.  The God of the Jew.  The God of the Christian.  We are all connected with each other, because we all spring from the same spiritual DNA.  Every one of us is brother or sister to the other.

God asks us to love one another and serve each other.  And when, on March 22, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, a handful of my fellow brothers took it upon themselves to administer death and maiming upon others of my brothers and sisters my soul was ripped.  My precious blood spilled on the Airport tiles and in the subway car, because I am connected to every bit of flesh that shrapnel penetrated.

This blog is my vehicle to remind me that I am connected to the tragically wonderful existence we know as life on Earth, and you are invited to play along and participate.  You’re invited to post pictures of you showing pictures of those whom you love to the camera.  Here’s an example:

As you undertake that, ponder on the love you feel for those in your picture and extend it to those around you and into the next town and let your love ripple out and touch others.  Immerse your being into what you’re feeling in the moment for those you love.

Yes.  There are ground rules.  Please accept my invitation to read them before posting.  I don’t promise to be even-handed when it comes to invoking them, but if you exercise common sense and common decency, I’ll probably be good with your posts.


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