Doing It

First prepare

Who do you love?  As you think of that person, those people, what is it you feel?  Settle for a time and be with those feelings.  Let them grow with your heart.  Let them ripen and to a degree, let them work on you and mellow you.  In short, I’m asking you to get in touch with the love you feel.  Are you feeling all warm and gooey inside?  Good!

Now hang on to that feeling of love and gather your tools.  You’ll need your picture of the person and a digital camera, An iPhone or Android will work well.  And another warm body to take your picture.  OK, fine.  You can do a selfie if no-one can assist you.

Creating your contribution

Take your picture.  Please pay attention to avoid glare and reflections on your picture that you’re holding.  If you’re getting glare or reflections, just change the angle of the picture you’re holding until the glare goes away.

Uploading your image

In order to post your picture in your comment on this site, you’ll need to get the picture onto a computer and then use any comment form on this site.  Otherwise, you can upload your picture to our Facebook page, like you would any other photo.

Here are a few examples:


Just show your gal (guy in this case) to the camera and shoot the picture!

Bart and me


Show as many pictures as you want at once.

Some of my high school class


They don’t have too be paper prints.

My son, Moses


If you’re a bit shy, just show your picture with you in it.

Paul and me


If you’re really shy, you can do this.

My family