Andrea and Ryan

Some time ago, I became a member of a community of people who get the stuff that I talk about here. Andrea and Ryan are two of them, With their permission, here is what Andrea writes about their relationship.

Andrea’s words

Unedited and a little oit of order so it might not make much sense to some..

This has been a year of transformation. This time least year, I had just chosen out of my relationship with Ryan. I was getting ready to chose into Quest. I was such a depressed, shell of who I really am. I have since discovered who I am, why I am here, chosen into coming from my heart, which in turn got me to realize that Ryan is the man that I want. That I love.

I have experienced the freedom of single life that I deserved and craved in order to be ready to start a family, dated someone that assisted me in finally choosing myself first and taught me what kind of love I really deserved in my life. I played hard, fell hard, and I finally chose me. I finally realized that things, accomplishments, experiences, relationships all mean nothing if I don’t take care of myself first. I flew… I learned real love of myself, of others. Discovered the best friends I could ever have asked for. Discovered the best people in people I already had. I learned to connect authentically with those I love. To show them how much I really love them. I found friendships in places I had closed myself off to. I stopped playing victim. Lesser because I’m female. I chose to have the life I deserve, no matter what anyone else might think of that. I proposed to my love. I assisted him on taking his own life on and got to experience the amazing shift in him realizing how perfect and beautiful he really is. We have continuously been experiencing the most harmonious, loving relationship I could have ever imagined for myself. We chose to create a beautiful life together. We created a life. A little being, half of each of us, of pure light, love and joy. I never knew life could be so spontaneous, perfect, chaotic and blessed all at once. One year of growth has changed my whole world. I am to be a wife and mother, and I am finally excited to be someone’s something-instead of terrified of it. I am forever grateful for the blessings I have received, the beautiful, human experience that has taught me more about love in one year than I have experienced in my entire lifetime. ♡


Andrea and Ryan

Andrea gets what I talk about here

Your life is what you make it.  My life is what I make it.  Andrea’s and Ryan’s life is what they make it.  Andrea spoke of there “choosing” an act of doing, of engagement, and in this case, connection. That is where the process begins, with what you choose, and then act upon.

Let me share a piece of my story

The day I first met Ryan, I was full of myself.  The walls that I constructed to hide and protect me were thirty feet thick, eighty feet high and solid granite.   No one could touch me, emotionally.  I was incapable of feeling, because I had learned to choose not to feel.  Or more honestly, I chose not to let let the things that I felt show.  And then, someone figuratively held a mirror up for us to see several things, Who we really are.  What we had become.  How to choose differently.  The next several days were a crucible for Ryan and me.  I was a constipated soul, full of myself and full of my own shit (beliefs, behaviors and there thing I learned to do to protect me), because I hung onto it and would not let go.  Until . . . I decided, chose to let it go.

For me, I enjoy the blessing of knowing exactly when my letting go happened and where I was and how it happened.  It was one of the best days of my life, and actually occurred on a Friday the thirteenth.  It was a watershed event.  Ryan saw me about an hour later, and he’ll tell you that I had changed, and I had.  Of a sudden, I, like Andrea, chose me first, let my cup fill, and then chose others.  Thankfully, my choices since have run in directions that works for me.

I love you, Ryan.  I love you, Andrea.

What will your choices be?

If you’ve been following my blog, here, you know that this venue has a specific purpose, to expand and share your love by sharing pictures you showing pictures of those you love.  You are invited to choose in with your photo and comment below.

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