Hello world!

The attacks and bombings in Brussels, Belgium earlier this week shocked me.  Horrified me.  Questions like, “Why?”, “Who would to that?” and “What can I do about this?”  all came to mind.  . . . . And then, my heart spoke.  “Share the love that I feel.”  As I developed that theme, I watched a video by lds.org, this one.

And in moments, this website came into being.  First in my heart and soul.  Now, on the web.

Share your love along with me

In the video, people share their pictures of family with the world.  Listen to them introduce those in their pictures.  Listen to the love in their voices.  Their love for those in their pictures.  Their love for the one they are sharing their picture with.  [that would be you.]  and now, you can do the same . . . share your pictures and share your love by attaching your picture of you showing your picture of ones that you love in the comments below.

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