Service is its own reward

Have you discovered that serving your family member, neighbor, friend or a complete stranger leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment, improved self-esteem or satisfaction?  If you have, then Congratulations!  You’ve discovered that service brings these things to you for your enjoyment as well as the benefit to the one served.

I have received

I was separated from my family for a time and was unable to return to them.  I am extremely thankful for good people who took my wife and son under their wing and cleared a patch of woods of the undergrowth, gathered to put in a concrete border between the lawn and flower beds, offered her a place at their table for Sunday dinners.  Others have assisted me in finding work, with bills while laid up because of injury.  They have visited me when I was laid up.  I could go on and on about blessings I’ve received through others.

Also, you as the recipient of loving service rendered, serve your benefactor as well by graciously accepting their acts of kindness, and filling their cup with your gratitude.

Man operating snowblower

I have served

Where I live, some winters are extreme.  I’m younger than many of our neighbors, as are others and so we make a party of digging out the neighborhood when the snow flies.  Once about 40 inches fell over a three-day period.  Praise God for Toro and Troy-built!  Several times a day during that storm, I was out with neighbors, firing up the snowblowers, wielding shovels, clearing sidewalks and driveways and rooves.  Many of the senior bunch were ferrying coffee and hot chocolate along with cakes, pastries and cookies to those out working in the cold.  Their thoughtfulness, gratitude and desire to give back touched me deeply.

Many ways to serve

There are myriad ways and countless opportunities to serve and your most values gift to give someone is your time., and your capacity to give of yourself.  Visiting someone house-bound, lending a listening ear, assisting in a task that requires three or more hands.  Sometimes, your presence is enough to brighten someone’s day.

You can literally give of yourself by doing this.

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