The state of the world . . .

Many people accept that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.  They hold out problem after problem that they see in the world as proof of their claim.  Rarely do I see things as these people do.

There is opposition in everything

There is an opposing force, view, side to everything.  I am grateful that there is.  Without that opposite, I am left ignorant of the things that bring me peace, joy, passion.  If there is no anger, I am incapable of knowing what love is  . . . or peace for that matter.  Without sorrow, I am incapable to experience Joy.  Without want (lack of something) I am unable to enjoy abundance.  Everything you require for a full and happy life is within your grasp.  Choose wisely, what you reach for and grasp.

The two wolves

A guru counsels with his son.  “Father, how did you become so loving and wise?”

“I have two beasts that war and rage inside of me.  The Wolf of Anger and the Wolf of Love.”, explains the guru.

After pondering his father’s words, the boy asks, “But Father!  That is an awful thing to live with.  Which wolf wins?”

“Son, my precious Son.  The beast that wins is the one I feed.”


Two wolves baring their teeth at each other

I require both Wolves

To know what love is, I require acquaintance with anger, indifference and hate.  To be thankful for what I have, I have to be on intimate terms with the lack of necessaries.  These things are two sides of the same coin.  Obverse and Reverse.  A fair coin can not have Heads without Tails.  The secret to enjoying life is choosing where I place my focus.  It is true for you too.

The secret to increasing the love you enjoy is to first love yourself, then love others with equal passion.  Have you ever tried to love someone more than you love yourself?  It can be done for a time (in most cases for a short time), then your well runs dry and you have no more love left to give.  I’m guilty of having done this.  I know the feeling of being unappreciated, used and being taken for granted.  Today, loving myself less than I love others doesn’t work for me, so I have changed and make me priority one.  Then do I look to those around me.  This way, the love I feel is nurtured and grows.  I recommend this approach.  If subordinating your requirements to those of others isn’t working for you, use my approach and see if that works for you.

Grab a picture of someone you love

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