Today, Lisa and I traveled to Cottonwood Heights to celebrate my Aunt Vangie’s life. She passed away Monday. She’s a gentle, loving woman and I’ll miss her in this life, Once again, another Steiner Funeral was a happy, joyous event. I’m always struck by that.

If a group of someones else outside our family and our culture were to observe a Steiner funeral and the family congregating immediately after rolling out the casket to the hearse, they would find it strange indeed.



All during the funeral, my cousins had the congregation in stitches. My family’s funerals are not somber affairs. Today, my cousins recounted their antics with their mother. I laughed myself to tears as did many others in attendance. 

When we walked the casket out, I could hear naught but happy chatter, laughter and sweet memories of Vangie. We, her family enjoy firm confidence that the separation caused by death is a very temporary thing. We just know that our relationship with Vangie . . . and others among us who pass continues. And so I say to my dear, sweet Aunt Vangie, ” ’til we meet again!”

Vangie and I invite you to share a picture of you showing a picture of those you love to the camera and to reflect on what you feel for that person in your picture.  Let that feeling sink deep into your soul.  Give it space to grow.  Nourish that feeling.  Play a little Celine Dion while you do that.

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